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Odusan Observatory tour has been cancelled temporarily due to African Swine Fever.
Name : KORIDOOR Date : 2019-10-17 Hit : 3006

Because of The ASF(African Swine Flu), the Odusan observatory also has been shut down this morning (October 17th) like the other DMZ tour spots - 3rd tunnel, Dora observatory, Dorasan station. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Instead, we still have an alternative tour for you. Ganghwa NLL tour is the one.


Ganghwa Island is one of the nearest places that you can North Korea and North Korean people. The distance from the observatory to North Korea is only 1.8 km. We can see North Korean farmers and military facilities from the Peace observatory of Ganghwa Island.  

NLL is ‘Northern Limit Line’. Literally the line is invisible border line between North and South Korea in the ocean. Since the line is physically invisible there is always more tension of two countries ironically. And the line is in the offing of Ganghwa Island.


Then on this tour, you are gonna have a chance to see and enjoy the traditional retail market of old Korea. Kyodong Market was established in the 1960s by displaced people who lost their home town because of the Korean War. This small market will give you a time machine experience and nostalgia of the North Korean displaced.


One more time, we are so sorry for this ASF issue and we are doing our best to overcome this. It is never gonna be the same that you expected to see through the original DMZ tour, but the alternative tours and our best tour guides will always try to show you and give you special and meaningful experience.  



Please, check the itinerary, photos and details of the Ganghwa NLL tour through the Link