KORIDOOR에 오신것을 환영합니다.
Fri, 1 August. 2014 ~ Sun, 3 August. 2014
20% Discounted Price
Water Rafting-Event Tour …
Sun, 3rd/17th August ~ Sun, 3rd/17th August
M:$45 C:$50
Malipo Beach Trip (Seoul)
Sunday, 10th August ~ Sunday, 10th August
M:$37 C:$42
MUD Festival (Seoul)
19(Sat) July.2014 ~ 26(Sat) July.2014
M:$45 C:$50
Caribbean Bay
1st June,2014 ~ 30th September,2014
Nami Island & Morningcalm…
09:00 ~ 18:30
M:$75 C:$80
DMZ/JSA & 3rd Tunnel TOUR…
07:30 ~ 15:30
M:$40 C:$80
Danyang Tour (Seoul)
08:00 ~ 18:00
M:$70 C:$75
KORIDOOR Tours will be closed on 5th~6th of MAY for Children's Da… [2014-04-29]
KORIDOOR Tours will be closed on 1st of MAY for Korean Labor Day. [2014-04-24]
KORIDOOR is closed on 1st of March due to Independence Movement Day [2014-02-28]
KORIDOOR is closed Jan 30th~Feb 2nd due to Lunar New year's Day [2014-01-27]
KORIDOOR will be closed on Christmas. [2013-12-24]
KORIDOOR will be closed on 28th of Nov [2013-11-26]